How to Make Hibiscus Tea

For those wondering how to make hibiscus tea, there are three main ways in which it can be made.  The hibiscus flowers can be bought either fresh or dried and steeped, a hibiscus powder can be purchased and added to water, or the tea can be bought in tea bags.  Below is more detail on these three methods for making hibiscus tea.

How To Make Hibiscus Tea

For fresh hibiscus tea, the general process is as follows:

  • Boil a few cups of water in a saucepan depending on the quantity of tea you want to make
  • When the water reaches a boil, turn off the heat and add fresh or dried hibiscus flowers.  If you can’t find fresh or dried hibiscus flowers in your area, many web retailers such as sell these in bulk.  A general ratio to follow is 2 fresh flowers per cup of water, or if using dried hibiscus, 1 tablespoon per 2 cups of water
  • Add cinnamon, ginger, mint, or other flavorings to the water
  • Cover and steep for up to 20 minutes.  As with many teas, the longer you steep the more risk you have of the tea becoming bitter so if stronger tea is desired increase the ratio of hibiscus flowers to water
  • Strain the mixture into a mug, glass, pitcher or receptacle of choice and add lemon and sweeteners to taste

How to make Hibiscus TeaHibiscus Tea Bags

For an easy and convenient method to making hibiscus tea, tea bags may be used.  These are quite common and can probably be found in most areas.  In fact, many herbal teas that are brewed from bags contain hibiscus flowers in their ingredients.  The process is simple and is the same as brewing any other tea from a bag.

How To Make Hibiscus Tea Using Hibiscus Powder

For those wondering how to make hibiscus tea using an instant method, a powder can be used.  If unable to find in your area, it can be found on web retailers such as and other tea/spice retailers.  The powder itself is a reddish, pink color and can be added to hot or cold water for a refreshing floral tasting beverage.  Hopefully this information on how to make hibiscus tea give you a good start into brewing this wonderful tea.